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RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE: Large range of attachments for all kinds of carrier systems

As companies face rising material and labour costs, the use of innovative technology to boost efficiency on construction sites is an important competitive advantage. Visitors to RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE from 27 to 29 April 2023 in Karlsruhe will be able to experience attachments, interfaces and digital assistance systems live and up close. From compressing, excavating and milling to crushing, screening, grabbing and mixing, dozens of exhibitors will showcase their technological solutions in a broad range of applications, either at their own stands or in the specially designed attachments arena. The perfect coordination of the carrier system, attachment, and rotation and changeover system holds great potential for improving construction site processes, making more efficient use of staff and reducing costs.

Tiltrotators enabling versatile use of construction machinery

The cylinderless NOX tiltrotator from KINSHOFER is designed for excavators with an operating weight of 3 to 25 tonnes. Thanks to a 360° continuous rotation and a swivel angle of 2 x 50°, the tiltrotator transforms excavators into multi-functional attachment carriers. The quick-change coupler and selection of attachments enable excellent efficiency on any construction site. As a result, operators can perform more and different types of work processes even faster, whilst also increasing safety across the working environment. KINSHOFER will demonstrate the tiltrotator live with various attachments, such as multi-purpose grippers or levelling buckets.

OilQuick will showcase its new Zero Degree technology. The market leader for fully hydraulic quick-change systems will use this year’s trade fair to focus on one product area in particular: the tiltrotator. The Zero Degree technology means that the rotational plane of the new tiltrotators runs parallel rather than at an incline. This allows any attachment to be used without having to correct the tumbling motion of conventional systems. Training time is reduced as a result, while the technology also prevents dangerous situations arising on the construction site.

Excavator scoops for every application

The liquid soil bucket from Tibatek enables cost-effective production of liquid soils on site. It processes the excavated earth by adding compound and a set volume of water, producing a fluid, self-compacting backfill material in just 5-6 minutes. The system best displays its advantages over conventional products in areas where tight spaces make installation and compacting more difficult. As well as producing liquid soils, the mobile mixing bucket can be used to produce small quantities of concrete without the need for a mobile concrete mixer.

Rädlinger will present its new X-TREME backhoe. This is based on the standard backhoe that was given a number of specific modifications to respond to customer wishes. These include reinforcing corners on the interface, a larger tooth system, a stronger blade, more robust side walls and base made from HB400, stronger side cutting edges and a thicker wall on the bucket box. The wear-resistant design significantly extends the service life compared to normal backhoes, therefore making the carrier more economical. The X-TREME is available for excavators with an operating weight of 11 to 50 tonnes.

Bucket screeners enable recycling of waste material

In the outdoor exhibition area, Predatore will demonstrate various bucket screeners in its PP, PS and PX series. Tailored to customer requirements, the separators are available in grading curves of 10 to 80 millimetres in 5 millimetre steps. With its cutting-edge separator technology, the PP series in particular offers enormous volume and high throughput, while also helping to protect the environment. This is because the robust bucket screeners can recycle a plethora of organic and mineral waste into usable materials.

The Terra-Star® bucket screener from Kronenberger oecotec is designed as an attachment for hydraulic excavators and wheeled loaders. The horizontal shafts are fitted in enclosed, zero-maintenance bearing units and flanged in front. With the QUICK quick-change coupling, users can replace the shafts without having to remove the bearing or chains. This allows for versatile use with the same unit. It also significantly reduces downtimes resulting from having to replace the shafts due to wear. The Terra-Star® is available with various shaft designs. These can also be ordered on an after-sale basis as shaft kits.

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Compact and efficient – RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE to present solutions for gardening and landscaping

The RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE trade fair (RATL) from 27 to 29 April 2023 will see around 230 producers and dealers provide a concentrated and practical overview of the latest construction machinery, equipment and systems. The new innovations will be showcased in realistic, action-packed shows in the demonstration building sites for e-mobility in compact construction, gardening and landscaping or civil engineering and road construction, as well as at the companies’ own stands. The products on show will include innovations for screening, separating and processing organic materials. Visitors can also expect a broad range of machinery featuring alternative drive technology. These are particularly beneficial in urban construction sites that are subject to strict emission and noise pollution rules. The trade fair will therefore provide gardening and landscaping businesses with the tools and inspiration they need to boost efficiency.

Electrically powered dumpers and mini-excavators

Sany will present the electrically driven SY19E mini-excavator, which boasts a powerful battery and efficient high-voltage technology. It is particularly well suited to operations in buildings or residential areas subject to emissions and noise limitations. The electric motor generates 15 kW of power and ensures fast and highly flexible work processes together with the load-sensing hydraulic system. The electric drive reduces energy costs by around 30 per cent compared to excavators powered by combustion engines.

JCB will present the 1TE, the company’s first electric one-tonne wheeled dumper with lithium-ion battery. Designed for use inside buildings, underground and in emission-regulated environments, the electric dumper complements the 19C-1E electric mini-excavator that JCB will also present at the trade fair. The 1TE features a steel skip and an articulated chassis. Its pair of 5 kWh lithium-ion batteries provide enough power for a full shift in normal working conditions and can be charged via the conventional grid on site.

Following its debut at bauma in 2022, Hydrema will present the DT6 electric dumper at RATL. It boasts excellent off-road capability, a compact design, articulated steering, low ground pressure and MultiTip control for the rotating skip. The DT6 has a fully redesigned electric 96 V platform to meet the performance requirements for machines of this size. The fully electric Zf-e-trac drive train keeps the noise level to a minimum. The 90 V lithium-ion battery allows the dumper to work for up to eight hours and be recharged during breaks.

The right equipment for small and compact construction sites

The GYRUstar bucket screener from NB Baumaschinen can act as both an excavator and wheeled loader. With its highly wear-resistant polyurethane shafts, it can screen particles measuring 10, 15 and 20 mm in diameter. In gardening and landscaping, it is mainly used for removing turf and screening topsoil, compost and sand. The company will also showcase a mobile concrete mixer that can produce fresh concrete at the press of a button within 30 seconds. NB therefore covers the entire recycling process, from screening to finished concrete.

Hunklinger will present a new laying clamp specially designed for use on mini-excavators from a weight of around three tonnes. The HP30 can provide much more power for shifting rectangular stones. It is the answer to new requirements and is ideal for moving large stones and panels. The HP30 is equipped with an efficient and proven fully hydraulic automatic control, a 360° rotary motor and twist system as standard. The new kerbstone feet help place the laying clamp on narrow contact edges such as deep kerbstones on parking spaces or paths.

Paus will also showcase its latest innovation at the double trade fair for the first time since bauma. Based in Emsbüren in northern Germany, the manufacturer will present the AKR 9095 swivel-skip dumper. It features a large skip volume and a high dumping width, coupled with easy steering, drive and braking. Weighing in at 9.5 tonnes, the dumper meets market needs for manoeuvrability, particularly in urban construction and areas where space is at a premium. The transverse mounting of the motor improves the dumper’s centre of gravity and grants easier access for maintenance.

Mini and compact construction vehicles are perfect for simple earthmoving work in gardening and landscaping. MOBA has developed the Xsite® EASY machine controller, so that operators in these projects can also enjoy the full benefits of excavator control, such as the lack of control measurements and the reduction in surveys. This modern display and control unit is based on app programming, and features a clear interface that shows all the necessary information. It can also display optical signals that are much easier for the operator to process than numerical displays while they concentrate on controlling the bucket.

MTS will showcase its DINO12 Next Generation suction excavator, which offers a range of new, user-friendly features. These include the tipping system for emptying the material into dumpers and the latest generation of the quadruple-jointed MTS EVO power arm. Thanks to its Tridem chassis with steered tag axle, the DINO12 offers incredible manoeuvrability, which is particularly useful on compact construction sites. Furthermore, using a suction excavator can prevent damage when excavating roots, cables and wires.

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RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE to showcase solutions for recycling old wood and mineral construction waste

Preserving resources is vital to society and the environment. The RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE trade fair (RATL) from 27 to 29 April 2023 in Karlsruhe will address this issue. Just before new legislation on substitute building materials is due to come into force in Germany, the trade fair will focus on the controlled demolition and selective deconstruction of buildings. It will also look at the path from construction waste to tested, certified and quality-assured materials, and provide inspiration for businesses. Exhibitors at RATL will showcase economical material processing solutions for industry, the construction and recycling sector, and gardening and landscaping. Applications include crushing and screening old wood and cuttings, recycling scrap, metal and commercial waste, processing topsoil in construction and shredding old tyres.

Broad range of products for wood and biomass processing

The Crambo series of low-speed, dual-shaft shredders from Komptech has just welcomed a new addition. The e-mobile series adds new, semi-mobile electrical versions that feature a zero-maintenance electric motor in place of the diesel one. The design combines the compactness and flexibility of a mobile machine with the energy efficiency of a stationary system. Visitors will be able to experience the shredders live at the special theme area wood & biomass.

The models in Lindner’s Urraco 4000 series belong to the company’s latest generation of shredders and will be on show at the special theme area wood & biomass. These offer excellent mobility, good access to the maintenance points and drive area, short downtimes, improved productivity and a consistently high output. The proven dual-shaft system also shreds bulky and large-volume materials, with the extended working space enabling easy feeding from a wheeled loader.

Eggersmann will present the TEUTON Z 50 single-shaft shredder and a STAR SELECT S 60 star screen. The TEUTON Z 50 features exchangeable shredding tools that can be switched quickly depending on the application. Another of the machine’s highlights are the large and wide conveyor belts that enable a smooth material discharge free of blockages. The STAR SELECT S 60 is a mobile star screen that is suitable for screening biomass, compost, old wood and wood chips. It boasts a maximum throughput of 300 m³/h for three fractions.

The right product for every material flow

Designed as a multitool, the METHOR from Doppstadt offers excellent flexibility for a wide range of tasks and materials. Thanks to its modular design, the single-shaft shredder can be adapted easily to different needs. The shaft’s special bearing allows the entire shredding unit to be exchanged on site within 45 minutes. The machine can be fitted with various tools for shredding, crushing or cutting, to name just a few tasks. It is resistant to contaminants and processes standard fractions like commercial waste, mixed construction waste, rubble, organic waste or old wood.

TTS Trump will present the GT150 from J.D. Austria GmbH. This is the reaction to new waste legislation and uses water to separate mixed waste flows into buoyant and non-buoyant material. An upstream screener passes on the construction material to be separated. The separated materials are discharged via the machine’s rear and side belts for the light and heavy fractions respectively. As the GT150 requires little water for the separation process, the separated materials can be used again quickly.

The TITAN 900 d-pu from ARJES comes with a powerful 405-kilowatt diesel motor and can also be operated with a pair of 160-kilowatt electric motors if required. What makes this stationary shredder so special is the separation of the shredding and drive units. This lets the user power the shredder either electrically or with diesel, depending on requirements. In addition, the shaft quick-change system makes fitting and removing the shaft pairs quick and easy, making maintenance and preparation simple for smooth operation.

After taking a break in 2022, Schlüter Baumaschinen will return to RATL this year. The company is Germany’s largest authorised dealer of Komatsu and Sennebogen machinery. It will showcase the Sennebogen 830E Vario Tool, an electric material handler with a fully hydraulic and multi-functional quick-change system. It lets users flexibly use and change various attachments like scrap shears, multi-tine grapples or magnets. Also on show will be the WA475-10 from Komatsu. This wheeled loader features a redesigned hydraulic system that enables more lifting power and greater productivity. On top of this, the response times of the hydraulics and the tipping and lifting speed can be adjusted to the needs of the respective application. Visitors will be able to experience other machines from Schlüter live at the special theme area wood & biomass and the demonstration building site for civil engineering and road construction.

BMA will present the battery-powered 409-2 CE material handler together with Italian machinery producer Tabarelli. Driven by a powerful 40-kW motor that feeds two 1240 Ah batteries, this zero-emissions machine is ideally suited for applications that switch between indoors and outdoors. It is also designed to operate for up to eight hours without charging breaks or a trailing cable. The 409-2CE can be equipped for multi-shift operation using an optional battery pack that can be fitted in a few minutes.

Digital material flow management

N1 Trading and Mineral Waste will present two pieces of software that largely digitalise and automate the processing of disposal orders. This simplifies the internal management of material flows, while offering countless interfaces to external suppliers and service providers. In addition, the application helps assess mineral waste, prepare offers and select the best disposal methods. It also ensures that the result complies with the latest regulations and national legislation.

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RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE: Outdoor exhibition area fully booked!

The recycling and construction industries will come together from 27 to 29 April 2023 at the RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE double trade fair (RATL) on the grounds of the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre, as the event returns to its standard biennial schedule. The industry trade fair revolves around a unique combination of topics, making it an effective stage for these two key industries in Germany. Both of the event’s focus areas are given equal attention, with shredding and screening technology particularly well represented this year. Visitors will be able to watch these systems live in action and compare them at the special theme area wood & biomass, which returns after its break in 2022. Alongside long-standing exhibitors like Jürgen Kölsch or Komptech, this year’s trade fair will feature some big-name newcomers like Eggersmann, UNTHA and Vermeer. Visitors can look forward to a total of 15 topic-based shows featuring machinery and systems from the world of recycling. These will process a variety of materials from wood and biomass to scrap and metal. The fact that the outdoor exhibition area is fully booked reflects just how popular this event is among exhibitors: “With twelve weeks to go until the start of the trade fair, the 90,000 square metres of outdoor exhibition space is fully booked. The three compact days of the event will be full of tailored solutions for businesses from the construction, demolition and recycling industries”, explains RATL project manager Olivia Hogenmüller.

special theme area wood & biomass returns after its break in 2022

This will be the fourth time that the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre will host the demonstration trade fair. Home to Germany’s fifth-largest outdoor exhibition area, it offers the perfect conditions for the exciting live demonstrations that are the hallmark of the unique trade fair duo. Around 230 exhibitors are expected, including the likes of Zeppelin, Kinshofer, Sany, Kiesel and Doppstadt. These will present their construction machinery, equipment and recycling systems in realistic processes, either at their stands or on one of the five demonstration building sites and special theme areas. The live demonstration shows are organised by topic. They allow visitors to compare various products directly and provide inspiration on how to boost efficiency in their own businesses.

New branding underlines unique combination of topics

RATL now also has a new combined logo. This aims to highlight both the equal importance of the two featured industries and how they match together. “Our new branding reflects how the demonstration trade fair has developed with customers in mind. The positive feedback we received on the combination of topics was an important factor behind this step. 70 per cent of visitors to RATL 2022 said that the compact overview of both the recycling and civil engineering industries was their main reason for attending”, says Beate Frères, Director of In-House Trade Fairs. The focus on demonstrations that makes RATL so unique has also been incorporated as a key part of the new branding. The logo was first unveiled to a broad audience at the 51st VDBUM seminar in Willingen, where it was well received.

Niklas Brimm, Managing Director of NB Baumaschinen, says: “I really like the new branding. It further emphasises the symbiosis of the trade fair’s two focus areas. In the past, civil engineering and recycling were often treated separately, whereas today, there is greater focus on the overall cycle of construction materials. The trade fair covers this really well. The new branding is more modern and highlights the event’s USP even more.”

Dieter Schnittjer, Member of the Board of the German Association of the Building Industry, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (VDBUM), adds: “The new name and branding further underline the fact that the two sectors are very closely related. There are plenty of points during the event where the product and application areas can interact and complement each other very well, both in terms of technology and processes. The new branding is therefore the right thing to do, in order to further sharpen the trade fair’s positioning.”

the new RATL-Logo
Double trade fair RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE sees double-digit growth in visitor numbers

This year’s RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE demonstration trade fair has concluded with excellent exhibitor and visitor numbers, improving significantly on the last event held in 2019. Over the course of the three-day exhibition, around 9,500 visitors discovered a wide range of products and solutions on offer from over 210 manufacturers, dealers and service providers in the construction and environmental engineering sectors. The high proportion of industry visitors, the larger scope and the return of personal discussions made RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE 2022 a great success.

Britta Wirtz, CEO of Messe Karlsruhe says: “We are proud to have hosted RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE, a powerful sales engine for the construction, demolition and recycling industries that are so vital to our future. Given the significance of issues like sustainability and preserving raw materials, the careful handling of existing and utilised materials is becoming ever more important. With the innovative machinery and systems on show, the double trade fair provides vital inspiration and momentum for the construction sector and circular economy, as well as boosting the sustainable use of raw materials in the technology hub of Karlsruhe.”

Olivia Hogenmüller, project manager for RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE is pleased with the event: “RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE 2022 was a great success, with a big rise in visitor numbers and leading industry players featured at the live demonstrations. This is what makes our double trade fair so unique. We were able to organise professionally and flexibly to provide all this to a wide audience. I am delighted with the positive feedback we have received from everyone involved. This is also down in no small part to the industry associations represented in our advisory committee, whose technical expertise was invaluable.”

Double trade fair brings key industries together

Held on the grounds of the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre, the double trade fair brought the recycling and construction industries together for the third time. 9,500 visitors were able to see for themselves the efficiency and performance of around 1,000 machines and systems, with two thirds of the stands featuring live demonstrations. One of the exhibitors showcasing their technology was Kurz Aufbereitungsanlagen. Sales Manager Harald Weber is already looking forward to the next event: “What I like most about this trade fair is the combination of various topics. Our customers are interested in both recycling systems and civil engineering, and can experience both here in one exhibition.”

Feedback from visitors was also positive, with 67 percent interested in both RecyclingAKTIV and TiefbauLIVE. Daniel Kohler, Managing Director of Gerike Bau, was impressed by the combination of topics: “We love the idea behind the trade fair. As a civil engineering company, we are constantly faced with the question of how to transport or recycle excavated earth. This event is therefore perfect for staying up to date. We were also able to meet many long-standing colleagues of ours here and enjoy in-person discussions again.”

This was the industry’s first major gathering since the start of the pandemic, with participants also praising the dedication and service of organiser Messe Karlsruhe. Günther Braun, a consultant at Agrotel, said: “The team at the trade fair centre were extremely friendly and delivered excellent service. We received professional help whenever we needed it. We have never experienced such support at any other trade fair.

Focus on networking and professional discussions

The desire for a live event was palpable, and both visitors and exhibitors used the double trade fair to reignite their personal contacts. Jochen Schwab, Managing Director of SCHWAB GmbH, says: “The action is finally back! Everywhere you look there is something exciting happening. We are delighted to be close to our customers again. The event gives us the chance to showcase our products and our customers have shown great interest. This euphoria is infectious, and we have already used it to initiate new business.” Jonas Pillmayer, Marketing Manager at SkanCraft, agrees: “The double trade fair is simply a must for any manufacturer or dealer in the construction sector. The event programme is open and well thought out, allowing lots of time for networking after the action of the trade fair.”

Companies from all over Germany came to Karlsruhe to participate. A third of visitors travelled over 100 kilometres and over half travelled over 300 kilometres.

Visitors closing deals at the event

95 percent of visitors attended the trade fair in a professional capacity, with a particularly high proportion of decision-makers. Over half of visitors worked in executive or company management, were company owners or self-employed businesspeople. They were also more willing to invest than in 2019. Thomas Knapp, Head of Sales Germany at Wacker Neuson, says: “It’s great to have industry visitors here, as it allows us to have high-quality discussions that deliver leads. We are pleased to have been here and will keep coming back to Karlsruhe. Nothing compares to in-person trade fairs. Digital events really struggle to recreate the personal contact.” Carsten Obrecht, CEO at HS Schoch, adds: “The quality of the visitors is very high, with lots of important decision-makers. We have already concluded some sales.”

New demonstration formats and special areas delight visitors

The 90,000 square metres of outdoor exhibition area at RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE featured some wide-ranging demonstration areas. Three quarters of exhibitors used the event to showcase their products in action, either at their own stand or on one of the five demonstration areas. These included the special theme area scrap and metal, and the demonstration building sites for special heavy construction, conduit construction, and e-mobility in compact construction, gardening and landscaping. These were accompanied by the new attachments arena. In total, visitors were treated to 24 action-packed hours of machine and system demonstrations across three days.

“The event certainly delivered on its promise! For industry visitors, it was a compact and very professional trade fair. Most of all, I enjoyed the live demonstrations. You just cannot do something like that digitally. It’s this that makes trade fairs so special”, says Andreas Gruber, Head of Wood & Biomass at Zeller Recycling.

First SBM Summit held alongside demonstration trade fair

Demand for environmentally friendly construction materials and sustainable solutions in the construction sector has grown massively in recent years. Participants were given a preview of tomorrow’s construction methods at the very first Sustainable Building Materials Summit (SBM). This one-day industry congress for sustainable and ecological materials used in the construction and expansion of buildings was held alongside RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE on 6 May. Presentations from leading names in the industry gave architects, interior designers, construction engineers and manufacturers information about the latest developments in sustainable construction. The event also allowed delegates to network with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. More opportunities for discussion were provided by the accompanying special materials show, in which material researchers presented their latest results up close and in person.

Delegates were pleased with how the inaugural congress went. Monika Meier, CEO of NeptuGmbH, said: “It is a really nice and informative event that is incredibly important for anyone who works in construction. I’m extremely happy with the programme. It was both comprehensive and diverse.” Sylvia Mitschele-Mörmann, a freelance interior designer and Vice Chairwoman of the bdia Baden-Württemberg association, added: “This is where researchers, manufacturers and users meet to see how the sustainable construction materials of the future are being developed. There is a nice family atmosphere here, which is great for networking.”

The next RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE will take place from 27 to 29 April 2023 at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre.

Industry associations add their expertise to boost the profile of RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE

Five leading industry associations reflect the needs and challenges of the respective markets, and boost the profile of the trade fair duo with their wide-ranging expertise. They will also enrich the event programme with their support for the five demonstration formats on the topics of scrap and metal, conduit construction, special heavy construction, compact construction, gardening and landscaping, and the new attachments arena. Alongside this, they will also be responsible for the content and organisation of the five specialist visitor tours. These guided and moderated tours will provide answers to specific questions regarding construction logistics and processes, the processing of mineral waste and modern recycling systems. “Our trade fair duo benefits significantly from the strong technical expertise of our association partners. We want to continue developing the concept behind the event to keep it up to date. The continuous discussions on industry topics help us to ensure this, while also guaranteeing that our event addresses the technical and legal developments in order to address important market trends”, explains Olivia Hogenmüller, project manager at Messe Karlsruhe.

Recycling and demolition associations reflect the market

“For years, RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE has been an important and dynamic platform for information on technical innovations and processes in the industry. Our businesses are focused on progress and this event is an essential part of the calendar”, says Eric Rehbock, Managing Director of the German Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Management (bvse) and member of the advisory committee to the demonstration trade fair. “The bvse has partnered the event since the very beginning. As Germany’s largest association for the recycling and waste management sector, we use our own activities at the large demonstration and special theme areas to provide industry players with important new inspiration to develop and strengthen recycling, as well as ensure the quality of secondary raw materials and construction materials. By providing a compact overview of the sector and the opportunity for intense technical discussions, the trade fair offers real value to visitors for their everyday work. Given the disastrous events in Ukraine and the lingering effects of the largest pandemic in modern times, it also provides valuable orientation for the multifaceted and ever-changing challenges of the market. This year’s trade fair duo will also act as an important place for information and networking to help companies find the specialists and logistics workers they so desperately need right now. The combination of well-trained staff and cutting-edge technology forms the foundation on which our companies can offer high-quality recycling. This plays an essential and decisive role for protecting the environment, the climate and resources”, emphasises Rehbock.

The German Demolition Association (DA) focuses on reincorporating components and waste into the circular economy of the construction sector: “Using recycled construction materials contributes greatly towards environmental and resource protection. In Germany, these materials are subject to a wide range of tests in order to ensure a high level of quality. We need to reclaim more raw materials from demolished buildings, in order to feed components and waste back into construction and create product cycles”, says Andreas Pocha, Managing Director of the DA. “The exhibitors at RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE will showcase their latest products and solutions in this area. Visitors will be able to gain further practical information from the associations’ experts on the guided tours. By adding more focus topics like e-mobility and digitalisation in the construction sector, the double trade fair has its finger firmly on the pulse of the industry”, he continues.

For the Association of German Steel Recycling and Disposal Companies (BDSV), current efforts revolve around high-quality recycling of steel waste: “Both businesses and governments are increasingly recognising the fact that ‘green steel’ can only be made through increased use of steel waste. Well-processed recycled steel is the key to creating functioning, high-quality circular economies”, explains BDSV Managing Director Thomas Junker. “RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE gives industry players a quick overview of the latest technical developments in this area. Visitors can see for themselves how the machines perform in practical demonstrations at the exhibitors’ stands and in the special theme area scrap and metal.

The partner associations of RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE also include the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA), which represents over 3,000 mostly medium-sized companies in the investment goods sector in Germany and is one of Europe’s largest industry bodies. Sören Grumptmann, specialist for waste and recycling technology at the VDMA, stresses the value of the trade fair duo: “The industry is looking forward to the first live demonstration trade fair after the pandemic. Being there in person is always so much better than only being able to see machines on screen. RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE in Karlsruhe is the perfect opportunity to find out about the latest technology.”

“The trade fair is an incredible chance to show the innovative way in which the metal recycling industry works. Our sector is the ecological backbone, so to speak, when it comes to creating sustainable industry. This fact is clear to see at an event like RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE, especially at the special theme area scrap metal”, says Kilian Schwaiger, Deputy Managing Director of the Association of German Metal Traders (VDM). Also supporting RecyclingAKTIV with their industry knowledge are the German Association of Recycled Construction Materials (BRB), the Quality Assurance System for Recycled Construction Materials for Baden-Württemberg (QRB), the Baden-Württemberg Industrial Association for Stone and Earth (iste) and the gravel body KIWI Oberrhein.

VDBUM as a strategic partner for civil engineering

TiefbauLIVE is partnered by the German Association of the Building Industry, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (VDBUM). “RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE will be the sector’s first trade fair in what promises to be an exciting year of events. What makes this double trade fair so special are the incredibly wide-ranging show programmes across five demonstration areas, as well as the exhibitors’ own interactive stands. Our members are already looking forward to exciting demonstrations of construction machinery and equipment”, says Dieter Schnittjer, Managing Director of the VDBUM. The VDBUM will be responsible for the content and on-site moderation at the three demonstration building sites, and has set up two guided tours. In addition, the association will host a dedicated industry event for special heavy construction on Friday 6 May at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. For the second day of the trade fair, the VDBUM is planning a very special event. “Our two Baden-Württemberg offices in Freiburg and Stuttgart are celebrating their 50th anniversary. We want to mark this occasion with a joint tour of the trade fair at 2 pm, an anniversary party from 5.30 pm, and an anniversary and trade fair evening from 7 pm”, says Schnittjer.

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