Helping your recycling business


As the owner or manager of a recycling business, you need to make sure that your staff can perform their tasks safely and efficiently. This is the only way to ensure that your business remains competitive. After all, your customers expect a premium service. As a result, recycling businesses need to be constantly developing. In the thematic focus RecyclingAKTIV, you will find exhibitors whose equipment will allow you to work more efficiently and make your business operations more effective.

Equipment and accessories for handling and transport

Operators of scrap yards, handling facilities and recycling centres cannot do business without quality handling equipment. After all, it is only possible to handle scrap, construction waste and other materials efficiently with reliable equipment.

RecyclingAKTIV will give you the opportunity to see brand-new handling equipment up close. In addition, you will be able to watch excavators, wheel loaders, mobile cranes and other transport equipment in action across 80.000 sqm of outdoor exhibition space, as they sort, transport and compress a range of materials. From scrap steel and non-ferrous metals to wood, construction and household waste, you will find the right handling equipment for your needs at RecyclingAKTIV.


If you need a sturdy material handler with good reach, but suffer from a lack of space on your site, don’t worry. Visit RecyclingAKTIV and you will be sure to find the right handling equipment for your individual needs.

If you operate a larger site and can therefore use larger equipment with higher transportation and bulk weight, you will also find what you are looking for at RecyclingAKTIV. Our exhibitors offer a wide range of excavators and can demonstrate them live to visitors to help them find the right solution.

Wheel loaders

Wheel loaders are the all-round workhorses in the world of handling equipment. When used in combination with a high-tipping bucket, wheel loaders are a sturdy and manoeuvrable solution that can transport heavy loads. This makes them perfect for material handling.

At RecyclingAKTIV, you will be able to see wheel loaders with the latest diesel engines fitted with particle filters and urea injection systems at work. You will also be able to climb aboard yourself and experience how effortlessly modern equipment combines work steps like driving, lifting and steering.


Modern attachments play an important role in optimising work processes in recycling businesses. That is because quick coupler systems allow drivers to quickly switch between different buckets, grippers and ripping teeth. This allows demolition companies, for example, to get the job done faster, as quick tool changes significantly speed up the processes of demoli-tion and waste loading. As a result, businesses save time and money.

Visit RecyclingAKTIV and find out about the latest trends in attachments. On our large outdoor exhibition area, you will be able to see this equipment live in action, as our exhibitors demonstrate how modern attachments can help you save money in your business.

Forklifts and pallet jacks

When it comes to material handling, forklift trucks are often the tool of choice for many businesses. That is because they are perfectly designed for transporting goods stacked on pallets from A to B.

Forklifts are also used in the recycling industry for transporting big bags, for example. You will be sure to find the right forklift for your needs at RecyclingAKTIV, and can even test them out yourself.

Looking for a pallet jack instead? RecyclingAKTIV has plenty to offer you as well! Our exhibitors will be showcasing a range of handling equipment to match your requirements.

Wearing parts

Wearing parts are essential in the recycling industry. Handling flows of material like scrap or construction waste can lead to aggressive wear as a result of pressure, impacts or friction. That is why many manufacturers specialise in developing durable and cost-effective wearing parts for the recycling industry.

Good wearing parts require both the design and the material to be right. Only by successfully combining these two factors can they meet the tough demands of the recycling industry.

Design and material – Getting it right

Take jaw crushers as an example. These are used to break up the kind of hard mineral waste commonly found on construction sites. The quality of the crusher jaws is therefore decisive for economic efficiency. At RecyclingAKTIV, you will find several providers of crusher jaws in varying cast manganese qualities that are perfect for processing mineral waste.

The linings of screening machines also suffer from wear. That is because the substances that pass through the screen destroy the linings over time through friction. It is therefore important to use high-quality wearing parts from leading manufacturers to keep machines running efficiently.

Sealing elements, pumps and filters

Sealing elements are a classic example of wearing parts. Every rubber seal becomes porous over time as tiny particles evaporate as the result of constant friction against the sealing element.

Pumps are another component that need to be replaced regularly. Industrial wastewater can also destroy wastewater pumps in recycling businesses as the result of aggressive chemicals in the conveyed waste, for example.

Other wearing parts that require regular replacement include industrial and mobile filters. Choosing high-quality products can help you save time, money and stress.

Protecting components

In recycling businesses, even components that are not classified as wearing parts can suffer from wear. Fitting these parts with wear-resistant cladding can help solve this problem. This helps make components more durable, allowing the machine to remain in service for longer without maintenance breaks. Not only does this make the machine more efficient, it also safeguards the profitability of the entire business, which can often depend on a single system working properly.

At RecyclingAKTIV, you will be able to speak with leading providers about how you can protect your equipment against wear using effective cladding.

Dust protection

Protection against dust emissions has long been an important issue, even before recent controversies surrounding diesel placed it on the political agenda. Dust protection is also extremely important in the recycling industry, both in terms of health and safety and public approval processes.

The focus here is not just on protecting the environment against dust emissions, but also keeping employees healthy. This is in businesses’ financial interests, as healthy employees mean a happy workforce and fewer days lost to illness.

Load magnets

Load magnets are an indispensable part of modern scrap handling businesses, as they make day-to-day work far easier. Unlike conventional transport equipment like forklift trucks or gripper attachments, load magnets (also known as lifting magnets) exploit the magnetic properties of the iron or steel in order to lift and transport scrap metal.

But the advantages of load magnets go far beyond carefully transporting the respective material, which is not a priority for steel waste anyway. They are also easy to use. The operator simply hangs the magnet on a crane hook before activating it via a lever.

Load magnets – Reliable and virtually free of wear

Load magnets are also a very safe and reliable tool. They keep a firm grip of the transported material, even in the event of a sudden power outage due to a flat battery, for example. The magnet only releases its load when an electromagnetic induction (i.e. current) generates a counteracting magnetic field that leads to demagnetisation. This mechanism protects the health and safety of your employees, such as in the event of a sudden loss of power.

By exploiting the magnetic properties of scrap steel, load magnets are also virtually free of wear. This makes them a valuable addition to any business. The magnets are also relatively light, making them a flexible solution to many challenges.

Load magnets for every task

Load magnet manufacturers offer a variety of designs. This means that every steel scrap handling business, regardless of their size, can find the right product for them on the mar-ket. Whether you need a magnet with a maximum load capacity of just 250 kilograms or up to two tons, you are certain to find a solution for every application.

RecyclingAKTIV will feature several load magnet manufacturers. Visit RecyclingAKTIV and let our exhibitors show you how modern load magnets can help you in your day-to-day work.

Testing, measurement, analysis and control equipment

Correctly analysing the materials in waste flows is an essential part of efficient recycling processes. Operators that know what exactly is inside the piles of waste can make better decisions on how to sort, prepare and process it. This requires reliable analysis equipment.

Due to the massive flows of waste that need to be processed every day, lengthy, detailed and expensive laboratory analyses are generally not an option for disposal and recycling companies. Often, it is up to the staff on site to decide how to correctly process material. Fortunately, there is a range of analysis equipment available for various purposes.

Metal analysis equipment

Metal analysis equipment is often used in businesses that process scrap steel and non-ferrous metals. The handy spectrometers in particular analyse how alloys are composed in a quick and easy way, without having to destroy the material.

Just like a barcode scanner at the supermarket, they allow employees to scan the material and show the material designation and components on the integrated display. All without any need for specialist background knowledge in chemistry.

Raw materials analysis equipment

Hand-held spectrometers are not just used for analysing the material composition of metals. Specialised equipment is also available for plastics, and is capable of displaying the respective plastic types in a matter of seconds.

This equipment is extremely versatile. You can use it to check that your sorting systems are working properly, for example. Alternatively, you can use hand-held spectrometers to test goods at the supplier’s premises. The database stores information about all conventional plastic types. This gives you quick feedback about material composition, allowing you to take decisions on further preparation and processing.

At RecyclingAKTIV, there will be a range of further analysis equipment on show for the recycling industry. From temperature sensors to fill level gauges, our exhibitors will have the equipment you need.


Alongside material composition, weight is another decisive factor for disposal companies. That is because the material or disposal service is billed by the ton. Weighbridges are the perfect solution here, as the difference in the vehicle’s weight as it enters and leaves the facility is equal to the weight of the delivered waste. Thanks to this simple principle, weighbridges have long been the standard weighing procedure for disposal companies upon waste delivery.

RecyclingAKTIV will feature several weighbridge manufacturers. Alongside premium products, our exhibitors offer an all-round service that supports you from delivery and installation to staff training.

Protection against noise, fire and radiation

Protection against noise, fire and radiation has become increasingly important for recycling businesses in recent years. Fires in particular are a big problem in the recycling and waste disposal industry. As a result, recycling businesses need to ensure effective fire protection in their facilities. Appropriate fire protection measures are now often demanded by insurance companies. Operators without these measures are faced with prohibitively expensive policies.

One of the reasons for the frequent fires in recycling facilities is spontaneous combustion. This is a particular hazard during the summer months for processors who turn waste mix-tures into alternative fuels, for example. This is because the combination of strong sunshine and low rainfall reduces the water content in the waste.

Fire protection – Vital for recyclers

In this case, all it takes is a single spark from a machine or a chemical reaction in the waste to set the entire facility ablaze. Reliable fire protection is therefore vital for many businesses in the waste disposal industry.

At RecyclingAKTIV, you will find many exhibitors who will be able to provide advice on fire protection. Come along and speak to the experts!

Improving noise protection

Alongside fire protection, noise is another important factor for companies that process scrap metal and construction waste, for example. This is partly because not all recycling businesses are located on industrial or business estates, meaning they have to meet certain noise protection regulations. Furthermore, booming property markets mean that residential areas are constantly expanding closer and closer to areas that were once used only by businesses. As a result, some recycling companies are having to grapple with noise protection measures for the first time.

Special sound-insulating enclosures can be an effective way to protect against noise. Loud work can be performed within the enclosures to prevent it disturbing nearby residents. Last but not least, effective noise protection also benefits employees.

Radiation – An underestimated threat

Many scrap handling companies sometimes detect radiation in the material they receive. This happens more often than you might expect. Scrap imports from eastern Europe traditionally have a particularly bad reputation in this regard.

But in Germany too, the amount of scrap steel, non-ferrous metal and construction waste that may be radioactive is set to rise in future. This is because the country’s energy revolution is forcing power companies to gradually take all of Germany’s nuclear power stations out of service. These old nuclear power stations will then have to be deconstructed over the coming decades. As a result, experts expect radioactive scrap metal and construction waste to be processed on the German waste disposal market.

Get ahead of the curve and find out about the necessary measures for effective radiation protection. Come to RecyclingAKTIV and speak with experts and exhibitors on site.

Halls, boxes and containers

Correctly storing waste flows in boxes and containers is important for many reasons. Different materials must be collected separately in order to ensure that as much as possible can be recycled later on. If materials are collected together, they can become so contaminated that recycling becomes economically infeasible.

In addition, Germany’s new Commercial Waste Ordinance, in force since the start of this year, makes separate collection mandatory for all commercial waste producers. According to the new ordinance, businesses that do not collect waste in separate waste or recycling containers must pretreat the material. This leads to a significant rise in disposal costs.

Furthermore, prices for thermal waste treatment have risen greatly in recent years. This is because strong economic growth and the ongoing boom in construction mean that Germany’s waste incineration facilities are running out of capacity. Businesses should therefore seek to separate their waste in order to minimise disposal costs. As a result, rubbish containers, skips and recycling boxes are in greater demand than ever before.

Waste containers for more recycling

Businesses that want to better separate their waste will need more waste containers. But many companies and construction sites suffer from a lack of space. This is because the everstricter legal requirements for waste separation are not always easy to implement on the ground.

Manufacturers of waste containers have responded to this problem by adding smaller recycling boxes to their product ranges, alongside conventional large roll-off containers and skips. Disposal companies can then provide these smaller containers to their customers.

Roll-off containers, skips and compactor boxes – The right container for every chal-lenge

Waste container manufacturers also offer a range of transport containers suitable for every need. Whether you are looking for large roll-off containers, compactor boxes or skips, the exhibitors at RecyclingAKTIV will have precisely the right containers for you.

Branding your waste containers is also no problem. Our exhibitors can deliver the waste containers in your corporate colour scheme complete with logos. Come to RecyclingAKTIV and speak to our experts and exhibitors on site!

Renting recycling equipment

You do not always need to buy new equipment. Sometimes, the more sensible option can be to rent a machine, shredder or a few containers instead of committing business capital to purchase them outright. Many providers now specialise in renting recycling equipment.

This allows you to remain flexible in your day-to-day business. As a result, you can react quickly in the event of changes in the highly volatile markets for secondary raw materials, for example. Renting recycling systems is also a good way to process order peaks without financial risks.

From crushers to containers – Our exhibitors have precisely the equipment you need

There is virtually nothing that the specialists for rental recycling equipment cannot offer. Whether you need a mobile recycling facility, crusher, shredder or screening system, our exhibitors are sure to have the equipment you are looking for.

Container services can also benefit from rental equipment, provided by both the manufacturers themselves and by specialised service providers. Our exhibitors can rent out both containers and skips for construction waste for certain periods.

Rental equipment – The right machine at the right time

Renting machinery and equipment not only gives you a wide range to choose from, it also provides excellent flexibility. If you need a certain piece of equipment like a shredder for only a short period of time, renting it is the perfect solution.

That is because our exhibitors allow you to rent many systems at short notice, such as when you need to process an urgent job. Many of the providers that specialise in renting recycling equipment allow for short-term rental periods of less than a month. Alternatively, you can rent equipment for a longer period and benefit from lower prices.

Renting recycling equipment – Concentrate on your job and enjoy full service

You want to concentrate on what you do best. Focus on your work and allow the rental company to take care of the machinery. Rental prices usually include maintenance and wearing parts. This means you can stay on top of costs and avoid any nasty financial surprises, while being able to calculate quotations with certainty.

Visit RecyclingAKTIV and find out from our exhibitors about how renting recycling equipment can benefit your business.