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Logistics is a decisive cost factor in the waste disposal industry. It is therefore extremely important to fully exploit the limited space on board a truck. Recycling presses allow you to compress waste and material to enable cost-effective transport.

Waste containers that are not used as efficiently as possible are not just a problem for disposal companies. Customers also hate it when their skips and containers overflow. As a result, mobile waste presses not only optimise your logistics, but also help you keep your customers happy.

Waste presses for every purpose

At RecyclingAKTIV, our exhibitors will present you with recycling presses for every application. After all, demand for waste presses is booming. Thanks to the likes of Amazon, more and more people are shopping online. Although online retail is practical and makes life much easier, it results in growing mountains of packaging that many recycling centres struggle to handle. Offer your municipal customers mobile paper presses and compression boxes to master the flood of paper and cardboard.

Our exhibitors will also be able to offer you suitable presses for processing wet material like residual waste. The latest models offer features like maintenance-free cylindrical thrust bearings and waterproof rear hatches. The electronics are also installed in such a way that prevents damage by martens. This keeps your machines running for longer and prevents unpleasant odours for your customers.

Presses are also an important way for metal processing companies to optimise their logistics. Known as balers, these presses compress waste composed of steel sheets, brass, copper or aluminium. They are also extremely easy to operate, with most machines featuring an automatic mode in addition to manual control. Virtually every baler is also available as a special model that can incorporate specific requirements like a diesel drive or remote control.

Watch modern recycling presses at work live

Come to RecyclingAKTIV in Karlsruhe! See for yourself our exhibitors’ latest recycling presses, and find out how they protect against wear and reduce energy costs.

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