Bunkers and conveyors


Conveyor systems are necessary for transporting waste from A to B within a facility. The mechanical and systems engineering companies exhibiting at RecyclingAKTIV have a variety of solutions in their product ranges. These include conveyor belts for recycling and the wood processing industry, as well as systems specially designed for transporting certain materials.

Worm conveyors for bulk material

Worm conveyors are perfect for transporting bulk material, for example. Combined with spiral chutes, you can use these conveyor systems to fill containers or big bags.

The spiral chute reduces the speed of the material as it falls, thus preventing excessive dust swirl. This intelligent dust protection for your employees addresses the problem at its cause. It also lets you save additional costs for dust protection measures.

Chain conveyors for heavy parts

If you are active in metal recycling or bulky waste processing, you often need to transport large and heavy items. Here, you need conveyor systems that are capable of bearing heavy loads.

Chain conveyors are the perfect solution. Our exhibitors develop chain conveyors for various purposes and are capable of taking your specific requirements into account. Come to RecyclingAKTIV in Karlsruhe and find out more from our expert exhibitors.

Versatile conveyor belts

Finding the right conveyor belt also depends on the material to be transported. Although the recycling industry tends to favour low conveyor belts, other systems could be beneficial depending on the purpose and transported material. If you need to convey pellets or caps up a steep incline, for example, a bunker conveyor could be the right solution.

Come to RecyclingAKTIV and let our exhibitors’ experts advise you on which conveyor systems are right for your business. See for yourself the innovative systems that our exhibitors will be happy to demonstrate live on our large outdoor exhibition space.