Construction vehicles, lifting and conveying equipment

Construction vehicles, lifting and conveying equipment
Construction vehicles, lifting and conveying equipment

On construction sites, loads are lifted and shifted using enormous amounts of horsepower. These construction vehicles use powerful engines and hydraulics to move large objects and heavy cargoes. The area of TiefbauLIVE will showcase a wide range of construction vehicles, along with lifting and conveying equipment. With over 18 acres of outdoor exhibition area "Peter-Gross-Bau Areal", you will be able to see countless construction vehicles in action performing a range of functions.

Construction vehicles


Heavy loads call for low-loaders. These heavy goods transporters are designed for carrying construction equipment and vehicles whose size or weight prohibit them from driving on public roads. From compact excavators to large hydraulic excavators, the theme area TiefbauLIVE will showcase vehicle attachments for transporting all kinds of heavy construction machinery. You will also be able to watch low-loader trucks and trailers in action live.

Tipper trucks

If you want to move things on a construction site, you need a tipper truck. These vehicles are essential for moving large quantities of earth or other bulk materials. They come in a wide range of variants, such as dumpers, skip loaders and roll-off tippers. Also on the grounds of the convention centre, you will see dump trucks designed for carrying heavy loads working on our model road and channel construction sites. Alongside tippers in various sizes, the area of TiefbauLIVE will also feature a wide spectrum of accessories such as tipper trailers.

Lifting and powered access equipment


A wide variety of lifting equipment is used to easily load and unload construction materials and equipment or move them around the construction site. The thematic focus TiefbauLIVE will showcase many of these giant machines, some with a maximum load bearing capacity of well over a thousand tons. Thanks to its versatility, the tower crane has become the go-to solution in many areas, especially civil engineering. Heavy-load cranes, along with mobile lifting equipment such as mobile cranes and truck loading cranes, are equally essential. You will also be able to see how various cranes can be used for powered access. Heavy-duty gantry cranes are perfect for use in building yards, assembly facilities or production halls. All of this lifting equipment will be on show in a variety of configurations at RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE.


Work platforms are an essential piece of equipment. Available in a range of variants, these versatile platforms are suitable for many tasks. They range from stationary work platforms, transport platforms and construction lifts for personnel and material to mobile platforms such as those mounted on trucks. All of these hydraulic and electric platforms will be demonstrated across the grounds of the convention centre. Also on show will be block and tackle systems, a piece of lifting equipment so old, they were used to build the pyramids. Today, they remain an irreplaceable tool for many construction companies thanks to their compact size and efficiency.

Conveying vehicles

Conveying vehicles

Conveying vehicles are an efficient way to make work easier, and are an essential piece of equipment in many businesses. At the trade fair, you will be able to see a range of vehicles in this category. These include pallet jacks, which can be divided into common hand pallet jacks, electrically powered low-lift pallet jacks, and high-lift pallet jacks that meet demanding requirements in warehouse logistics. These have become popular thanks to their compact size, excellent manoeuvrability and low purchase price. For larger loads and longer transport distances, the theme area TiefbauLIVE will also showcase a large selection of forklift trucks and sideloaders. This category also includes large tractors, whose wide range of attachments make them a versatile piece of lifting and conveying equipment.

Telescopic handlers

In the world of construction vehicles, telescopic handlers are a true all-rounder. Perfect for lifting and transporting loads, they can also be equipped for a variety of tasks with a wide range of attachments. At RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE, you will be able to watch these telescopic handlers in action performing several different tasks.