Facility engineering

Special theme area scrap and metal facility Hammel

Facility engineering for the recycling industry has seen many changes in recent years. Facilities have not only become more powerful and reliable, but also use less electricity and are less vulnerable to wear. They are also becoming ever easier to use. Furthermore, smart technology means that the digital revolution has reached the world of recycling too.

Recycling facilities for a truly circular economy

The legal requirements for disposal and recycling are becoming ever tougher. Political demands from Brussels and Berlin clearly aim to ensure that more waste is recycled back into the economy. The quotas resulting from the European Circular Economy Package, together with the new calculation method for recycling quotas, are a challenge even for the innovative companies in Germany’s highly developed recycling industry. Disposal companies in Germany are also faced with the ambitious targets of the Commercial Waste Ordinance and the Packaging Act.

For you as a business owner, a modern processing facility is essential for meeting these requirements. Waste separation in households, for example, is extremely important for subsequent recycling. But in terms of generating waste flows that enable high-value recycling, it goes nowhere near far enough. Better recycling requires much more than just improved waste separation by consumers. The waste flows must be sorted more deeply. This is only possible using the latest facilities and technology.

Handling facilities for improved logistics

Disposal companies can also improve their efficiency by optimising their logistics processes. Just like the logistics sector as a whole, the waste disposal industry suffers from a severe lack of drivers. Modern handling facilities can help get the most out of limited truck capacities. That is because a higher bulk density allows companies to transport more waste per cubic metre.

RecyclingAKTIV in Karlsruhe will feature many specialist facility engineering companies, who will be able to offer solutions to increase your efficiency or facility output. A visit to the trade fair is therefore a worthwhile investment. Let our exhibitors advise you and showcase their latest models, which you can also watch live in action on our large outdoor exhibition space.