Cutting and crushing machines

Cutting and chrushing maschines

As a recycler, you usually have to cut waste into smaller pieces first in order to process it further. Machinery and system manufacturers have now developed a whole range of equipment for this purpose. You can find the perfect machine for every material flow, business size and output.

In the area of RecyclingAKTIV, you will not only be able to see the latest machines from leading providers, but also watch them live in action. That is because the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre offers a unique outdoor exhibition space for both visitors and exhibitors. As a visitor, you benefit most of all from this. Not only will the event allow you to see exhibition pieces showcased in the indoor halls, it also gives you the opportunity to observe them at work.

Demolition and scrap shears

Scrap shears are used in all businesses that process scrap steel or non-ferrous metals. By cutting up the input material, they make it easier to separate into different metal types. This is important, as the more homogeneous the material, the higher the possible price on the scrap metal market. By contrast, mixed metals can only be sold at a reduced price.

The prices for scrap metal are constantly changing. As a result, you need to make sure that your business is working as efficiently as possible with costs kept to a minimum. This makes choosing the right scrap shears a strategically important decision for the future of your business.

Demolition shears – Powerful shears for your excavator

The market for suitable metal shears is a complex one. Manufacturers offer equipment for virtually all business sizes and purposes. It is possible, for example, to combine demolition shears with an existing excavator. The shears use the hydraulic power from the excavator to cut up the metal. As the name suggests, demolition shears are perfect for demolition work on construction sites.

At RecyclingAKTIV, you will find leading manufacturers of demolition shears whose ingenious developments will help make your recycling business even more efficient. The new scrap shears for demolition work, for example, are both lighter and more durable than their predecessors.

Alligator shears – The fast way to cut up material

Alligator shears are a relatively cost-effective type of scrap shears. They are easy to use and boast high cutting forces. This makes them ideal for both mobile and stationary use. They can be used to tear up old tyres or cut metal poles into smaller pieces.

Modern shears also use much less electricity than their predecessors, which can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your business. At RecyclingAKTIV, you will find exhibitors who can offer the right alligator shears for any business size. Whether you are looking for small and mobile shears or need more power for your scrapyard, you are sure to find the equipment you need at RecyclingAKTIV.

Hydraulic scrap shears – Mass processing for both stationary and mobile applications

Hydraulic scrap shears are called for when you need to process large quantities of scrap metal at once. Featuring a compression box, they can press scrap metal into easily transportable bales. Hydraulic scrap shears are available for both mobile and stationary applications.

At RecyclingAKTIV, you will find exhibitors offering suitable equipment for every purpose and business size, with various cutting powers and compression box lengths available. Get the information you need from our expert exhibitors at RecyclingAKTIV and find out which scrap shears are right for your business.


Disposal companies often have to deal with bulky waste. This waste often first needs to be reduced in size to enable processing. A range of rippers are available for every purpose and business size. At RecyclingAKTIV, you will be able to watch our exhibitors’ rippers at work.

Mobile and stationary rippers

Taking a shredder to where the waste is produced can be a sensible way to reduce transport costs. This is ideal when processing bulky cardboard or wood, for example. It allows you to save transport volume and therefore make your disposal service more efficient.

Disposal and recycling businesses use both mobile and stationary rippers for all kinds of waste. Alongside paper and wood, they can also shred electrical waste and scrap metal to enable easier transport or storage. By cutting up waste into smaller pieces, rippers also make subsequent material processing easier.

One, two, three or four shafts – The right shredder for every purpose

Whatever purpose you have in mind for your shredder, our exhibitors are sure to have the right equipment for you. Single-shaft rippers are perfect for processing foils, mixed plastics, paper balls, waste from paper production or waste wood. If you need to process household, industrial and commercial waste, however, as well as stones and metal components, then our exhibitors’ two-shaft rippers could be the best solution. That is because these machines are also suitable for processing materials with impurities.

Rippers with three or four shafts are perfect for fine waste shredding, such as for the production of alternative fuels or when processing metal shavings. The exhibitors at RecyclingAKTIV will be happy to advise you.

Modern rippers for efficient operations

Efficiency and profitability are important factors for modern rippers. A new system allows you to process material with much greater energy efficiency, helping you reduce operating costs. In addition, manufacturers emphasise easy operation and increased safety. These factors benefit both your employees and your business as a whole.

Come to RecyclingAKTIV and find out how modern rippers can help you save money and boost your profitability.


Shredders are used in almost every recycling business. Regardless of whether you want to process metal, plastic, cardboard or wood, a good shredder is an essential piece of equipment.

RecyclingAKTIV will feature leading manufacturers showcasing their best products. You will also be able to watch waste shredders at work on our outdoor exhibition space. With one, two and three-shaft shredders available, you are sure to find the right solution for your business at RecyclingAKTIV.

Modern shredders for high-quality recycling

Quality is the decisive factor in modern waste processing. If the quality is not right, material can only be sold at a discount. As a result, you may face high additional charges, such as in alternative fuel power stations or the cement industry.

A modern shredder can help you meet the requirements for recycling materials. That is because modern waste shredders feature control technology that allows you to adjust the system to your customers’ individual needs. To help you keep on top of costs, our exhibitors emphasise durability and easy changes of tools and screens on both large primary shredders and small compact shredders.

Robust design, high quality

Cutting blades and screen segments may require replacement more or less often, depending on the material being processed. The exhibitors at RecyclingAKTIV focus on making these replacements as quick and easy as possible. As a result, both the shredder and your recycling facility can get back up and running quickly.

For operators, minimising shredder downtimes is important, as they generally lead to a standstill in the entire recycling facility. That is why all of the exhibitors at RecyclingAKTIV make sure that their machinery is designed to be robust. This reduces both the maintenance workload and costs for wearing parts, while improving the profitability of your business.

But your customers are not the only ones with high quality requirements. You too need high-quality products for smooth recycling operations. Come to RecyclingAKTIV and let our exhibitors show you how a modern shredder can make your facility more efficient.


Many recycling processes require the waste material to be granulated first. The granulators cut the material into tiny pieces measuring just a few millimetres. This makes it much easier to pack them into bags. After granulation, you or the customer can easily feed the recycling centre with material for further processing and adjust this to individual operational procedures.

Cable granulation systems – Cutting and separating in a single step

Granulators can separate materials from each other in the same work step. This makes them a particularly popular piece of equipment in the processing of old cable. Cable granulation systems can both cut the cable to smaller sizes for further processing and separate the valuable copper from the plastic or aluminium. This allows you to achieve much higher prices on the market, as the material’s value increases with purity.

With modern granulators, you can extract virtually pure copper from old cables. Some machines are capable of achieving purity levels of up to 99 per cent. Furthermore, the latest generation of granulators feature self-cleaning filters and low energy consumption.

Save money and resources with mobile granulators in road construction

Mobile granulators are also popular in road construction. Here, they allow users to process the old asphalt and incorporate it back into the road immediately. This on-site cycle both conserves primary resources and protects your bottom line.

The latest mobile granulator models are smart and easy to operate, and process material gently. They can also automatically adjust to different materials so that you always get the best-possible quality. Furthermore, the proportion of additional fine particles is much lower than in older models. Some machines are even capable of maintaining the original grain structure of the extracted asphalt, meaning that these machines create a particularly high-quality granulate with excellent material properties.

Come to RecyclingAKTIV and see our exhibitors’ latest models for yourself. Find out about the short commissioning times, minimised personnel workload and high output quality of modern granulators on our large outdoor exhibition area.


Recycling and disposal companies constantly have to crush large quantities of waste. Crusher systems are suitable for mineral waste of the kind found on construction sites, and can also be used to process grate ash from waste incineration. These powerful machines crush the material so that you can either reintegrate it or dispose of it correctly.

On the large outdoor exhibition space at RecyclingAKTIV, exhibitors will showcase crusher systems for various applications. You will be able to find out about impact crushers, for example, which are best suited for brittle substances. The event will also showcase hammer crushers that are perfect for processing damp or moderately hard rock. If you tend to work with soft, moist or brittle materials, our exhibitors will have the ideal roller crushers for you.

Jaw crushers – Mobile crusher systems for road construction

If you need to recycle construction waste from road construction and excavation, you need jaw crushers. These crusher systems are mobile and can crush the extracted material on site so that you can re-incorporate it into the road.

Modern systems deliver a high-quality end grain and ensure low dust levels using intelligent water spraying. They are also much more fuel efficient than older machines.

Durable, light and reliable

Our exhibitors have also worked to make their jaw crushers more durable and reliable. Fully hydraulic drives reduce wear, while automatic reversing functions protect the crusher systems against damage. This helps save you money every day.

But efficiency is just one of the selling points of modern crushing systems. They have also become much lighter. Modern jaw crushers are so light that they can be easily transported using a low-loader or a truck with hook lift. They also make life easier for your employees. That is because many machines can be ready to use in a matter of minutes and can also be controlled remotely. It could not be easier!

Cone crushers – The pestle and mortar for recycling

Cone crushers have a number of advantages over jaw crushers when it comes to keeping grain sizes as small as possible. They work like a giant pestle and mortar, pulverising the usually mineral waste between a large cone and the side of the crushing chamber. Recyclers generally use cone crushers after the jaw crusher and once any ferrous metals have been separated.

Also known as gyratory crushers, modern cone crushers are much more fuel efficient than their predecessors. This can help significantly reduce your operating costs. Come to RecyclingAKTIV and find out how a modern cone crusher can help you save money in your business.

Rail crushers – The perfect tool for processing railway tracks

Engineering projects often involve having to remove old sections of railway track that have not been used for many years. Railway companies also dispose of old rails when they replace them. In both cases, you need to cut the rails to an easily transportable size.

You can of course use large conventional shears for this purpose, or painstakingly cut up the rails manually using a cutting torch. Using a rail crusher is much more effective, however. These systems feed the rails into the crusher via a magazine. The rails here can measure up to 120 meters in length. If you prefer mobile systems, our exhibitors will also be able to help. These versions can be quickly transported to where they are needed using a semitrailer.

The range of crushing systems on offer is vast. Come to RecyclingAKTIV in Karlsruhe to find out from our exhibitors which system is best for your needs.

Cable strippers

Power cables contain copper or aluminium. In order to extract these valuable materials as cleanly as possible, you need a cable stripping system. These machines are capable of removing the plastic or rubber sheathing, leaving you with pure copper or aluminium.

The exhibitors at RecyclingAKTIV will be happy to show you their modern cable stripping systems. These machines deliver excellent results that are a major improvement on older models. Previously, users had to accept a certain degree of metal loss, as the cable stripping machines were not capable of fully separating the copper or aluminium from the plastic.

This loss of material and therefore income is now a thing of the past. The modern cable stripping machines provided by our exhibitors allow you to fully extract the metal in power cables during the recycling process.

Cable stripping machines at RecyclingAKTIV – Efficient and easy to use

The new machines will also go down well among your employees, as they are extremely easy to both operate and service. This makes them particularly productive. Therefore, a new cable stripping system can help you not only extract more raw material, but also significantly boost the efficiency of your recycling business.

The new machines are much more fuel efficient than before. As well as your electricity bill, your costs for wearing parts will also fall significantly. That is because manufacturers have incorporated countless innovations in their latest models. As a result, today’s cable stripping machines require much less maintenance than their predecessors.

If you work in electrical waste processing or specialise in recycling power cables, you should visit RecyclingAKTIV in Karlsruhe. Our exhibitors will be happy to demonstrate their latest models to you. Find out for yourself about what a new cable stripping system can do for your business.


Grinders allow you to chop up waste mixtures before turning them into high-value alter-native fuels, for example.

These alternative fuels are in high demand. Studies show that the waste-to-energy market is booming more than ever before across Germany, Europe and the world. The reasons for this are clear: waste is locally available, has low levels of CO2 and is yet capable of covering base load. That is why energy companies and industry are increasingly relying on waste to replace environmentally damaging coal.

Cutting mills – Equipment for the booming waste-to-energy market

Many power stations and industrial businesses such as cement works, however, set certain parameters for their fuels. These include the heat value or chlorine content, for example. In order to make waste suitable for use as an alternative fuel source, you need to cut up the starting material. Cutting mills are perfect for this.

Exhibitors at RecyclingAKTIV have both stationary and mobile cutting mills in their product portfolios. Both versions offer distinct advantages. Mobile systems optimise logistics and therefore transport costs. They allow you to process the waste mixture directly at the customer’s premises to maximise your vehicle’s transport capacity. By contrast, stationary variants like vertical mills or hammer mills offer greater power and throughput.

Smart technology and low wear

Just like all cutting and crushing machinery, wear is an important factor for cutting mills. Certain machine components wear faster or slower over time depending on their material and the waste to be processed. Smart system design can help minimise machine wear, however.

Our exhibitors’ latest models feature intelligent cutting programs, for example, which adjust automatically to the properties of the material to be processed. They have also designed the systems to allow frequent causes of wear like stones and metals to simply fall out through the open cutting bed. This significantly reduces wear on modern cutting mills.

Come to RecyclingAKTIV in Karlsruhe and find out about our exhibitors’ latest models. Whether you process biomass, wood, bulky waste or commercial waste, you are sure to find the right cutting mill for your business.